Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And a lovely new year.....

Well, if you've found our blog and been wondering just what is going on since there hasn't been a post in a month.... All we can say is that time has been not flying, but zooming by. We promise to do better!
That's a photo of the birds at Yellow Bird Art... from left to right: my mom, Angela- in the store visiting- and her dog, Tillie, Barb, Sue, Sandy our assistant manager, and me. Bolts of new Kaffe Fassett fabrics have been arriving in what seems to be a steady stream. Our UPS delivery man, Kim, is beginning to think about taking up quilting, he's here so often!
One of our biggest projects as of late has been working on getting fabrics onto our web site, http://www.yellowbirdart.com/ for purchase. We'll have new Kaffe fabrics, new patterns & kits and some really unique gift items. We have stacks and stacks of more new fabrics to scan and send off for up-loading, so be sure to visit our web site often.

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