Thursday, May 22, 2008

We love spring! And art quilts too!

We're back! Sorry about the long blog absence, dearies! We had the best of intentions for updating the blog more often, but, well... you know how that goes, right? May has been a time of reconnection in many areas as we say hello again to old friends: the sweet old rose outside my door that was saved from a friend's about-to-be-demolished-yard last summer is starting to come back with an abundance of burgundy leaves; the dear customer who's come back to town to enjoy another wonderful summer on the river; finding new life for old pattern favorites with gorgeous new fabrics. Stop in sometime and say hello!

This spring we were excited to display a selection of art quilts by our very talented friend, Carissa Brudos. Carissa finds time to create wonderful, textural art quilts, while working full time as an elementary school art teacher. Here are some of our favorites:

Carissa begins each piece with an original acrylic painting on canvas. She then cuts around the painted image and collages it onto the cotton background. The backgrounds are often layered with various fabrics and the entire piece is then heavily stitched.

She very generously suprised us with a gift of a Yellow Bird piece. It is SO gorgeous, and makes us happy every time we see it hanging in the shop!

Isn't she amazing? Thanks Carissa!

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