Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabric, oh Fabric!

We've been incredibly affected by Spring Fever at Yellow Bird! We get so bored with our store layout from time to time, and then we usually just begin moving things around with a vague idea of what we're shooting for. We most likely won't win any prizes for interior design with our "let's just see how this looks" methods, especially since that means we're moving hundreds and hundreds of bolts of fabrics around as well. So, if it doesn't look fabulous, we're committed to hauling the hundreds and hundreds of bolts around to some other location. Our new line of Kokka Fabrics from Japan have lightened our spirits with their marvelous soft pallet. Notice the Sew Baby top and pants for the best dressed little princess on the block!Bless her heart, Sue, has been busy making new displays for our hand-dyed wool fabrics and moved them to the front of the shop, where we're sure they're going to receive lots of attention. If you're a wool lover, you'll love our wool, and our prices. Fat Quarters are $12.00, Fat Eights are $6.00, and Fat Sixteenths are $3.50. Call the shop at 563-538-4350 if you are looking for a specific color you need.

Sue has also been tackling our huge collection of ribbons and giving them a new home at the store. We carry the largest selection of ribbons and trims in the area, including vintage ribbons, and many ribbons from France. Our goal is that you think of Yellow Bird Art first when you think about embellishments.

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