Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's With This Weather!?

Normally we think of ourselves as the "glass is half full" sort of gals. But we have to confess that this "spring??" weather has put us into a downright peevish sort of mind. We were excited a couple of day ago to see our little daffodils blooming, but today think we need to begin knitting little wooly hats for their glorious yellow heads. It's danged cold here with a wind out of the north that cuts to the bone! We need cheering up. And to top it all, Amy has been struggling with a sinus infection, and I'm dancing with a sinus infection and bronchitis. We need serious cheering up! I went back to bed this morning after breakfast and immediately had the company of the two rat terriers. Oliver was practically sitting on my head competing with Tillie, who was laying on my stomach, for attention.This is a photo of Oliver in one of his "I need more Petting than you can possibly give in This Lifetime" modes.And this is Miss Tillie, looking like the sweet, comforting, angel of a dog that she is. Actually, she was just getting ready to turn into a growling snapping little beastie, protecting her Petting Time from the encroachment of Any Other Animal in the house.
So, back to getting cheered up.... Here's a new collection of amazing fabrics from Prints Charming - two lovely Australian designers. While we still love traditional fabrics and the quilts made from them, it is a shot of energy to use these bright prints. And, they make up wonderful garments as well. I'm working on an Indygo Junction apron pattern in some of these new prints. I promise to show the final product when finished!

Another lovely little delight is these handcrafted soaps by one of our friends, Carol. Carol and her husband have "retired" and craft these amazing soaps which are wonderfully scented, a delight to use and seem to last forever. We don't know where they find the molds for the soaps, but we love them all! Carol restocks us regularily restocks us. We can put together a lovely gift basket for a favorite quilting friend, or maybe for you. To cheer you up on this blustery NE Iowa day!

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