Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home from Spring Quilt Market

Quilt Market...... What an amazing experience. You see more fabric, more patterns, more notions, trims and other quilt related goodies than your poor little brain can comprehend. We think that's why its 3 days long! And tired..., we can tell you about tired. You'll notice in most of the pictures of us that our eyes look puffy and squinty. That's surely from not enough sleep. Not nearly enough sleep.
This is a picture of Amy on the first day of market. We were all just tuckered out from the drive, and 6am came a bit earlier than what we were emotionally prepared for. She'll probably want to kill me for showing you this photo, but what good is a mother if she can't make you want to pull your hair out from time to time.We decided this time to have our pictures taken with the "famous" quilt designers we met at Market. We think the quilt patterns from "Lizzie B Cre8ive" are marvelous. The designers are sister's in law - both named Elizabeth, with the nickname of Lizzie. The quilts they design are bright, happy and whimsical. We'll be adding more of their quilt patterns at the shop, so be looking out for them. In case you don't recognize her, our newest employee, Deb Blackburn, is on the far right. I'm sure you'll immediately recognize these two famous Amys. The tall really thin Amy is, of course, Amy Butler. She had lots of new patterns, loads of new fabrics. We felt a little bit like throwing ourselves prostrate at her feet and begging for the creative thinking blessing. If such a blessing doesn't exist, we're all in favor of creating it! By the way, we have no idea how the vendors all managed to look so fabulous all the time. Mostly we felt exhilerated while incredibly tired, schulmpy, hot and messy. We don't know what happened to all the make-up we put on every morning - it managed to vanish by about 2pm each day.Here we are at Sue Spargo's booth. She's designed a fantastic collection of new pillows. We'll be adding these patterns to our existing group of Sue Spargo patterns. Sue was her usual kind and sweet self. She just returned home from a 4 week visit teaching in quilt shops in New Zealand and Australia. That's Kathy, Sue's helper, on the right. Amy and Deb decided to remove themselves from photos for a bit. Something to do with squinty, puffy eyes, I think.
I'll be posting more photos from market for the next several days, so keep checking out our blog. And, to encourage comments, please comment on this post - we'll have a drawing for a little fabric goody we picked up at market from those of you who comment on this post! And be nice and share this post with your friends. (psst.... it's a fat quarter from a glorious collection!) Oh, I should let you know that on Saturday I'm going to be posting a bunch of quilt market goodies that we're going to give away to those who comment on the Saturday post!!
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Northeast Iowa Mom said...

*first gratuitous drawing-grabby post*

You look like you had so much FUNNNNN!

Nicole said...

Love your Market photos! One of these days I have to get there to see all the wonder and madness. I would love a chance at your give away.

Yellow Bird Art said...

Congratulations to both Nicole and NE Iowa Mom. Since there were only two of you, we reached into the recesses of our hearts and pulled out generosity! Well, actually, generosity is always on our minds and in our hearts - at least we hope so! Nicole, please send us you mailing addy to: