Monday, June 15, 2009


We had a HUGE sale last week. We're not sure at this point just how many bolts of fabric went out of the shop, but we can tell you that it was a lot! There are stacks and stacks and stacks of empty bolts outside the back door. Getting inside the shop is sort of like going through an obstacle course. Thank you to all our wonderful customers who came and shopped, then shopped some more, and then came back yet another day to shop more.
That's Deb with our customer who won the "most repeat visits during the sale" prize, and perhaps "spent the most $$$ during the sale" prize. Speaking of prizes..... Today, yes today, we're getting the prizes in the mail to everyone who won at our last drawing. We didn't forget! We've been overwhelmed the past weeks, and today was truly the first day we have had to address getting your goodies out to you. If there are no interruptions, our big plan is to get them to the post office today. Thanks for hanging in there!
This is us on Saturday after the last customer had left the shop. We were exhausted, fried, crispy, toast, whipped, our dogs were screaming and our backs out after 3 + weeks of non-stop work getting ready for our shop re-do.

Please note, we are closed throughout this week to have time to change over the shop. We know we told many of you that, "yes, of course, we'll remain open after the sale". We seemed to have the idea that we could do a gazillion things at once and still deliver the customer service you deserve. Then we realized that birds do not preen their feathers while in flight, and they most certainly don't moult during flight! So we're taking a week to re-feather the nest and we'll re-open next Monday, June 22 at 10 am.

Birdy hearts to you all,


Quiltsmiles said...

You poor but very generous girls. I received my package of the sunflower soap that I won during your giveaways. What a yummy smell. Thank you so much. It was like experiencing my Birthday 6 months too early when I received the package in the mail today.

Take care and don't overdue it with your redo. Congratulations and the best of luck.....If only I lived closer so I could visit your shop in real life. Maybe someday when I travel that way, in the mean time thank goodness for the internet.
Hugs, Jane

Tracy said...

It arrived, it arrived! My tote bag kit arrived in good condition and I've already taken it for show and tell and petted the fabrics!

There's a blog post here. Thank you so much!

Congrats and good luck on your re-opening tomorrow; I'm looking forward to visiting soon - at least virtually!

Tracy in SW WA

quiltmom said...

Thanks Angela for the giveaway prize. It arrived safely this past week. I love the fat quarters and the two patterns are wonderful. I am beginning summer vacation on Tuesday and I am looking forward to making some new projects.
I enjoy visiting your blog to see what you are up to- I hope the re do's go well and that all is well with you both.
Thank you again for choosing my name to win your wonderful prize.
I am one lucky girl,

Maria Stahl said...

I'm dyin' to come see the New And Improved Yellow Bird, but I am stapled to my desk. :o( Barry wants to know when he can do some photography for you. I feel guilty using fabric I ain't paid fer yit.

WV: mothar. Wasn't he a giant moth that fought Godzilla once?