Friday, January 13, 2012

Just in case you stopped by....

I noticed that we still get visitors on this site.  Thanks so much for coming by!  We still miss YBA terribly and all our wonderful customer/friends.  Amy has moved to Madison, WI and is working at UW Hospital in Human Resources as a software trainer for Epic.  It's one of the medical record keeping programs that's out there.  She is still making things - sewing and making jewelry -and wishing she was making her living through quilting. 

After what seemed an eternity, our country home sold, we moved to town ~ into the sweetest little 1896 house (which we were still rehabbing...) to live amid chaos and stacks of boxes for the past 4 months.  Now that the construction dust has cleared, literally, all the rest of the furniture came out of storage and we're almost living in the house like normal (well, as normal as we've ever been) - meaning that there is furniture to sit on and we can find clean underwear everyday now!

And so, the point of this is that I'm finally, finally able to turn my energy back to my studio and living as a creative person.  I've performed virtual CPR on my blog Summer Kitchen Quilts and I'd like to invite you to come on over and visit a bit.  I'm starting a monthly post (2nd Friday of every month) about women who have truly inspired me by the way they live.  It's so inspiring to get to know someone who has  faced daunting challenges and not only overcome them, but triumphed over them in a meaningful way that changes their life in an amazingly positive way.

This month I want to introduce you to Sue Spargo .  We met Sue when she came to Yellow Bird Art to teach workshops.  Over the course of four years we came to know Sue not only as a teacher, but as a friend.  Her life story is a real example of courage and creativity.  Come on over, girlfriends!

Blessings ~ 

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