Friday, February 20, 2009

Itchin' to get stitchin'

Hey- hi! Remember how I said I'd be back with photos? Here I am! With photos! Yay!

Ever since my friend Carmen showed me her Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag, I've been wanting to make one. really badly. Carmen's version is so cool- with a patchwork bag body and black velvet straps. I've been wandering around the shop for weeks coming up with different versions of my Birdie Sling. Here's what I think I've settled on (for today anyway):

This one will be for the shop, so I want to make another one that I can use Right Away (rather than borrowing it from the shop when I want to use it)! Kinda dorky to make 2 bags, but, a girl has needs. This girl needs a Birdie Sling in gray and metallic Lecien fabric to show off this spring!

Next up is my current favorite shop display. It's bright! fresh! fun! And it has Wee Wonderful's Big Footed Bunny and Space Man, and Melly N' Me's Binkie and Magoo Monkey, all sittin' on the top shelf. I'm pretty sure they party it up after the shop is closed and dark. That monkey looks like Trouble.

And, last, but most certainly not least- it's our longarm! Mom and I both wish we could have it painted bright yellow. That would be rockin'.

That's a table runner I'm finishing up tomorrow.

And that's it for today, kids! We're off to see Slumdog Millionaire. I'm excited, as we don't really get foreign movies at the theatres here in our rural area very often. And I'm gettin' popcorn. for sure.

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