Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Things are Happening!

Yup, it going to be a big deal! Amy and I came back from Quilt Market with a new and better vision for Yellow Bird Art! So, we're going to say "goodbye" to loads of selected fabrics, books, patterns, trims, kits, threads...... You're going to love this sale! We are making room for marvelous new lines of fabrics, notions, books and patterns. We can't reveal all the details now because we want it to be a fantastic surprise for our customers.

And to clarify, we are not going out of business, and we are not moving! So mark your calendars, and gather the girlfriends, and get ready to fly on in to Yellow Bird Art on June 6!

Birdy Hearts to you all!

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Stitched With Prayer said...

OH how I would love to be there for your sale. Since I'm here in Utah and we are up to our ears in fence mending I will just have to settle for being an arm chair shopper or wisher, depending on how much we get reimbursed for the fence by the gentlemans insurance that took out the fence. Since it was a hit and run it could be a while before they settle. We will just sit back and see what happens and have faith that it will turn out well. Good luck with your big sale and I do hope you will post before and after pictures for us. Have a blessed day...well I guess that would be 'night' for you now!