Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, of course, it makes all the sense in the world!

Yes, that's right - in the cherry linen closet in my bathroom.  Doesn't everyone stash their portable electronic devices in with their ace bandages, back braces, neck braces, wrist braces (I'm telling you, those old bumper stickers that said that getting old wasn't for the sissy in us, wasn't kidding!) and all the stuff to take long soaking whirlpool baths to ease all the body pains (the getting old part again)?  The tip for me was thinking about the last time I charged the camera - in the bathroom.  With water.  Brilliant, eh?

So lanadunk, e-mail me with your snail address and I'll get your little collection of Amy Butler fabrics out to you before Christmas!  And, because I'm a total softie, and there were only 4 of you who left comments, I'm going to send a little something special to you three from my private stash.  Ask Amy - she loves going through my fabrics at home - there's some really good stuff there!  Please e-mail me with your addresses at:

Hugs to all the birds out there!
Angela and Amy


Anonymous said...

Hate it that you are going out
of business. Will miss you all
terribly. Hope this weather isn't
bothering you.
Marilyn Brown(littlebitbrown43 @
11903 N.s. 3529
Earlsboro,Okla. 74840

Anonymous said...